A Labor of Love . . .

Levon's Arkansas Legacy is a labor of love started by a group of Levon's closest Arkansas friends, family and fans who want to honor Levon's legacy and his gift to music in his hometown of Marvell, AR.

As a tribute to our native son, we're in the first phase of restoring Levon's boyhood home, which has been moved from his childhood home of Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, to Marvell, Arkansas. In addition, the Kevin Kresse bronze bust of Levon is now a reality thanks to worldwide support from donors, friends, family and supporters creating a bronze likeness to be included with the project. But there is more work to be done before the bust is erected in Marvell, AR. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the restoration and efforts to complete and maintain a lasting tribute to Levon in his hometown and “keep it going….”

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